Friday, January 25, 2008

poor mr. squirrel

Jeff and I were standing in our living room this morning, talking before I left for work. Jeff was looking out the window, watching the cars go by, when he said, "Oh no, come on squirrel." Then, he said to me, "Don't look.... Why did I have to see that?"

Squirrels get hit by cars all the time. I know I have checked my rear view mirror dozens of times, to make sure the squirrel made it across the road. The dogs are sure to point out all the dead squirrels on the road when we take walks.

Now, I'm not a squirrel lover. They are basically rodents with fluffy tails, but besides the flying squirrel that ended up in our house one night (I must blog that story someday - it's a good one), I have no reason to dislike squirrels. In fact, one of my favorite books from childhood was about a squirrel named Miss Suzy.

I didn't look out the window, but Jeff kept watching the squirrel for signs of life and thought the squirrel might still be alive. I told Jeff to go out and help the squirrel. Jeff looked at me like I was nuts. What could he do? Turns out the movement of the tail was caused by the wind from cars going by. The squirrel was dead.

Jeff was visibly upset having witnessed the squirrel's death.

I went to work and refused to look down at the road as I pulled out of the driveway.

This afternoon, I took the dogs for a walk. Of course, on our way home the dogs found the dead squirrel. Mr. Squirrel was no longer in the middle of the road, but on our next door neighbor's lawn. I said, "Oh no dogs, that's our squirrel," and quickly pulled them away, trying not to look at the squirrel's face. I figured that the cars going by had eventually pushed the squirrel carcass there.

I called Jeff to tell him I had seen the red headed woodpecker in our yard. Jeff had seen him last week, but this was my first sighting. It was then, that Jeff told me he had moved the squirrel off the road before he left for work. He couldn't leave it in the road to just get run over again and again.

This didn't surprise me. Jeff once stopped his truck on a busy road in Troy to help a turtle cross the road safely. What a turtle was doing in Troy is a mystery.

It makes me sad that our cars, houses, and other human inventions cause animals harm. I know there is a circle of life. Animals die so other animals can live, but I still don't like it.

Jeff always makes fun of me, because if I watch a movie or TV show and a person dies, I don't react much. Throw in a dead dog, deer, or bunny and I'm a complete mess, running to the bathroom for tissues.

Now, I think Jeff has no right to make fun of me. I have never moved a dead squirrel off a road.

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