Monday, January 28, 2008

miracle infomercial

I turned the TV on at 6AM this morning to check the weather forecast. The TV was tuned to an infomercial, which caught my attention. I had the sound off, but the scrolling words on the screen drew me in. At first, I thought it said "FREE 4:8 ...... woman".

There was a short woman talking to a man. My initial reaction was that they were trying to get people to call the 1-800 number, and this 4 foot 8 woman would come to their homes for FREE. Why would we want this woman to come to our house, and is there only one 4 foot 8 woman for all the callers? She looked like a nice lady, but what was so special about her? I was confused, so I turned up the sound to hear what was going on.

Numerous people came up on the screen, they all had a large dollar amount on the screen beneath them. Each person gave a similar testimonial. After bringing this miracle into their lives, they came upon a large sum of money - $6575, $25,000, $55,000 etc.

I slowly began to learn it was not a free woman they were pitching. The 4:8.... was referring to a bible passage. The man was giving away "free" miracle manna bread, made in ancient ovens in the holy land. Call the 1-800, get the bread, eat it, follow the written instructions, and within four weeks, you would come into a large sum of money, like these other happy people.

Now, I'm sure this guy spent a lot of money to air this commercial. How can he give away this magical bread for free?

I'm suspicious of the "follow the written instructions part". I wonder if the instructions say, "In order for the bread to work, you must send me $100." The instructions even provide a date and time when all these good things will happen!

Do people really fall for this? How can this man sleep at night, knowing he is preying on the people most desperate for money?

I should have written down the number and called just to see what the scam really was, but I was afraid to even give them my address. I'm sure I would have been bombarded with all sorts of "scam mail". I would have been labeled by the junk mail services as - "highly gullible, will fall for anything".

I'm sure those of you, with more biblical knowledge than me (I'll ask Jeff tonight), know the story about how this bread was linked to some sort of miracle. Perhaps some of those miracles really did happen. However, I don't think eating some bread, acquired from an infomercial, will make me rich.

I decided to just switch to the weather, and leave the FREE magical manna bread for those who really needed it.

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