Wednesday, January 23, 2008

jumping and weaving

Oreo learned how to jump on the bed this past weekend, when I was out of town. Jeff went looking for Oreo on Saturday, and found Oreo lying on the bed by himself. Jeff hadn't helped him up, so Oreo did it all on his own. I have seen Oreo jump up there several times now. What an accomplishment.

Perhaps, Oreo was unchallenged while I was away, so Oreo decided he better teach himself something. On the other hand, maybe Oreo was becoming lazy, after all the extra food Jeff had fed him, and was just looking for the softest spot in the house. Jeff said that Oreo had become very fond of my throw blanket on the couch. Apparently, Oreo spent a lot of time cuddled up under it while I was away. Sounds like the dogs were on vacation while I was away - lots of eating and sleeping.

I'm back, so now it's time to work again.

I set up the weave poles this afternoon, and started Oreo's training. This will definitely be a challenge. Today, I pretty much had to pull him through the poles. Oreo clung to one end of a squeaky toy, while I clung to the other end, guiding him through the poles, saying "weave, weave". He did do it once without the toy, so I am hopeful that he will be able to weave on his own one day. At least he has a new challenge, for now. I'm hoping to catch him practicing the weave poles while I'm busy doing something else. He practices his tunnel and chute all the time. I'll be in the kitchen, and will hear him sliding through the chute over and over. I'm not sure weaving is as fun as the tunnel. I wish they would come up with an obstacle which requires the dog to circle around it over and over. Oreo already does that with our kitchen table, coffee table, and even humans.

I just read Jon Katz's blog about his herding dog, Rose. Poor Rose is out of sorts, because the weather has been too bad to herd sheep. Rose lives to herd sheep, rather than lay around by the fire.

Good thing I can do agility indoors or out, that way Oreo is never at a loss for things to do.

Oreo has been quiet while I have been writing this. I went to check on him, afraid he might be chewing on his new weave poles. Nope, he was lying on our bed. All that weaving must have worn him out. What a life.

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