Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's official

OK, I thought it might be true, but now it is official. Oreo is a genius dog.

I bought him a busy buddy tug-a-jug. Which works kind of like those "ship in a bottle" toys. The bottom of the jug unscrews, allowing the human, with opposable thumbs, to add treats to the jug. The dog then has to figure out how to get the treats out through the opening in the top.

It took Oreo a few days to figure out how to step on the purple part, to get the jug to tip enough to spill the treats out. Within a few days, he had it mastered. I was hoping this toy would keep him occupied for hours, or at least 20 minutes, while I was at work. He can now work all the treats out in under 5 minutes.

OK, so you're not impressed.

Well, yesterday, I came home from work and the entire bottom cap of the jug had been unscrewed! Yes, unscrewed. I knew I had put the bottom on and twisted it completely shut, because I had had a hard time lining up the grooves properly. I called Jeff at work, thinking he had loosened it to help the dog out. (Jeff thinks it's mean when I make the dogs work for their food.) Jeff denied touching the jug. Oreo did this all on his own.

So, Oreo is a genius dog. It is a little scary. Maybe I can teach him to open the doors, so he can let himself out.

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Anonymous said...

Put a biscuit in with the smaller treats that won't come out and will act as an added obstacle to increase the difficulty. Make sure you screw the cap on tight!!!