Saturday, December 1, 2007

look ma, snow!

We had a dusting of snow overnight. I heard the plows going by, and was anxious to let Oreo out to see his reaction. It would be his first encounter with snow as a "real dog".

I did bring him out in the snow when he was a baby, but I don't think he remembers that. He was so scared of being outside' everything was just too new. Now that Oreo has made the backyard his territory, I knew this would be a special moment.

Usually, in the morning, Oreo runs right to his "pee spot", goes, and then comes charging back in the house for breakfast. Today, I opened the back door, and Oreo peered out. He noticed the snow right away. He ran down the ramp and began circling the yard with his nose to the ground. He either couldn't stand still long enough to pee, or forgot why he went out there in the first place. I think he has a little ADHD. Oreo ran over to poor Misty, who was trying to pee in privacy, and kept nudging her, as if to say "Look, there is cold, wet stuff all over the yard." He did a few more circles, and finally realized his bladder was calling. He peed. Did some more circles, then stopped to pee some more. Finally, he came charging back in the house to tell me all about it.

Can't wait to see him when we get some real snow tomorrow!

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