Thursday, December 20, 2007

good news

Woke up to some pretty snow this morning. I love it when it sticks to the tree branches. It always makes everything seem so peaceful and quiet.

I brought Oreo to the vet today for his recheck. Oreo now has a clean bill of health. His wounds are healing nicely, and we just have to finish another week of antibiotics. Getting him to take that is a challenge. I try hiding it in food, but he is on to me. He eats the food and leaves the pill behind. Even the ol' standby of peanut butter isn't working for him.

There were tons of dogs, of all sizes, at the vet, because all the employees were having a group photo taken, with all their pets. Oreo did a little low growling at the big dogs, but no barking. So, I saw that as a positive sign. Misty went nose to nose with the dogs, but made sure to keep the rest of her body as far away as possible for a quick escape. She does the same thing with people, so I think she is fine.

Now, I just wait for a check from the owners of the attack dogs....

Today, would have been Munchie's 15th birthday! Happy birthday Munch!

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