Friday, December 28, 2007

Ghetto Agility 101 - part 2

Oreo and I have been practicing our hallway agility course for a week now. He is a really fast learner. When I say, "Let's go do 'gility", Oreo runs to the hallway. Oreo will now jump 7 inches high, go thru the tunnel, follow me to a bedroom, "look at me", sit and stay for five seconds and then we reverse. He does this sequence with about 80% accuracy, without treats. It is amazing!

Getting Oreo to sit for five seconds, the legal requirement in agility competitions, without feeding him treats has been our greatest accomplishment. He just learned that today, and has already mastered it. Jeff was very impressed when I showed him. Oreo has never been very obedient about sitting unless I had food in my hand. So, to see him sit and stay while I counted to five is huge!

I often find Oreo "practicing" on his own, by going in and out of the tunnel. He loves it.

Still waiting for the agility kit to arrive - where is it already? I am very anxious to start training Oreo on the weave poles. The snow is almost melted, and will probably be all gone by the end of the weekend. If the yard wasn't a giant mud pit, we could set it up outside.
All the research says that shelties need a job, due to their high intelligence and history of being herding dogs . Only the border collie is smarter than the sheltie. Hopefully, agility will become Oreo's new job, and he will finally retire from chewing furniture.

Here is a video of our hallway agility. Unfortunately, there is no sound - so pretend you can hear me saying, "jump, tunnel, over here, look at me, sit, stay, tunnel, etc..." Oreo usually runs this course much faster, but I was trying to slow him down so the camera could keep up. The faster he goes, the more excited he gets, which results in a lot of jumping up and down at the end.

I love how Misty kind of follows along, as long as she can avoid the tunnel!

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