Sunday, December 2, 2007

don't be alarmed

Jeff came home from work the other day, stopped for a bit in the garage, and then came upstairs. The minute he stepped in the door, he said to me, "Don't be alarmed when you go in the basement."

Oh no, I thought, another dead mouse. Seeing one of those can give me nightmares for months. Even if I don't see it, just knowing Jeff put a carcass in the garbage can outside is enough to freak me out. The little critters dodge in when the garage door is open, and then can't get out. We have every nook and cranny filled with insulation to keep them from coming in. Unfortunately, they can't leave either. There are bite marks all over the seal on the bottom of the garage doors from them trying to gnaw their way out. Eventually they must conk out from starvation or dehydration.

I asked Jeff warily, "Why would I be alarmed?"

Jeff says, "Oh, there's another bike down there."

Doesn't he realize that I would never have even noticed another bike, let alone be "alarmed"? If he had only one bike, and then brought home another, I might notice. However, adding another to a collection makes it really easy to miss a newcomer. Hell, I came home from work the other day, parked my car in the garage, went upstairs and didn't even notice that Jeff was in the garage himself! He came upstairs an hour later wondering why I hadn't stopped to say hello. Honestly, I am so used to watching where I'm walking so I don't knock a bike over, that I had no idea he was even there.

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