Saturday, November 24, 2007

slice it thin please

Have you ever noticed that food tastes better when someone else cooks it for you?

Jeff made me some microwave popcorn the other day, and I swear it tasted so much better than when I make it for myself. How can this be? He cooked it in the same microwave, for the same amount of time. Is the taste really different, or is it the fact that I didn't have to get off the couch? Well, the microwave may have been warmer than usual, because Jeff forgot to take the plastic wrap off the first bag, so he had to cook another.

My Nannie would cut a peach up into lovely slices and serve it to me in a pretty bowl. Those peaches tasted better than any other peach I have ever had. Was it the peach, or the presentation that made the difference?

My Dad would always take all the seeds out of the watermelon, and cut it into bite-sized chunks for me. I don't eat watermelon anymore. Too much work to eat around those pesky seeds.

My mom (and I suspect my Nannie) insists that Stock's pound cake must be sliced very thin in order to get the optimum taste. I always feel I'm getting gypped out of some good frosting, but am glad I don't have to eat a big hunk of cake just to get to the frosting. Luckily, Jeff prefers the cake to the frosting, so I get to eat his. I've never had a thick piece of Stock's pound cake, but I'm sure it's not as good as a thin slice.

I remember my Mom always asking for lunch meat to be sliced "thin please" at the deli counter. When I first started buying lunch meat for myself I ordered it that way too, although I had no idea why it needed to be thin. Still not quite sure. Mom also insists that each piece of lunch meat be put on a sandwich individually. You can't just slap a pile of meat on the bread. Jeff agrees that it does taste better that way. He pretty much agrees with anything my mom says, when it comes to food. Any sandwich that I don't have to make tastes better to me.


Anonymous said...

That is the secret to food tasting good - think thin!!!

Sara said...

I know I only like thin crust pizza, preferably round.