Tuesday, November 6, 2007

puppy milestones

A big milestone occurred for Oreo yesterday. He finally was able to jump on the bed! Twice! He had to get a running start, but he did it all on his own. His parents are so proud.

Perhaps an even bigger milestone happened today. Oreo was left home alone, out of his crate for a few hours. We try and keep most valuables out of reach, like remote controls and shoes. Dogs love to eat those, because our scent is all over them. Accidentally, a pair of Jeff's sneakers were left out on the floor, but there is not one chew mark! That is a huge milestone for a puppy.

Oreo is slowly maturing into a real dog, although he is still a bundle of energy.

After walking two miles, and running around the yard (and house) at top speed for half an hour, Oreo finally stopped to take a drink. He was so spent, he had to lay down to drink.

A tired dog, is a well behaved dog.

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betty said...

Congratulations, Oreo. What a big dog! Kudos and hugs and aloha.