Friday, November 23, 2007

lesson from the dogs

Woke up a little later than usual today, must have been all that yummy food I ate last night.

The dogs were raring to go as soon as I sat up in bed. Oreo was jumping up in the air to go outside to go potty, more jumping for his breakfast, and even more jumping when I put his leash on to take him for a walk.

After our walk, the dogs always run straight to our closed bedroom door, plow it open, and put their paws on the bed to wake Jeff. It's as if they want to tell him about their fabulous morning, and say "You're missing out on all the fun, get up!" Then, more jumping ensues until Jeff gets to the kitchen and gives both dogs a handful of cheerios. After their cheerios, Jeff sings a song with Oreo, and Misty barks along. Finally, off to the yard for some playtime.

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At this crazy pre-holiday time, we are inundated with advertisements and commercialism. I receive at last 8 catalogs a day at this time of year. It always amazes me how many different products we can choose from. Today, people went shopping at 4 AM just to save a few dollars on some object that won't really make a difference in their life. It seems as though we are just adding more stress, to our already stressful lives, in the search for the perfect gift at the perfect price.

This morning, I looked down at my dogs' smiling up me, tails wagging with happiness. All I had given them was an open door, some food, a little exercise, a quick belly rub and they were absolutely thrilled. What's even more amazing is that we do the same routine everyday, and the dogs' excitement never wanes. Simple creatures, simple lives. As the Shakers said, "tis a gift to be simple..."

We could all learn a thing or two from dogs. Although, I think we should skip that whole butt smelling thing.

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