Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jeff's photos

Its been a busy week - not much time for writing.

Jeff had his photo shoot yesterday - it was warm enough to ride the bike to the shoot! Crazy temperatures for Halloween. I remember always having to wear my winter coat over my costume. Plus, the kids had an extra hour of daylight to trick or treat since we have put off going back to standard time for an extra week. Good for the young kids, not sure how the older ones felt about it. We had no trick or treaters at our house. My mom had given us some chocolate she had bought as a fundraiser for us to hand out - just in case anyone made the trek up our driveway. Jeff had already eaten it all, so I guess it's (how's my grammar, editor in chief?) good no kids showed up.

I am anxious to change the clocks back, so I don't have to walk the dogs in the dark every morning. Oreo has a coat that lights up, but it was too warm this morning to put a coat on him!

Here's a photo from Jeff's latest shoot:

As usual, Dino did a fantastic job of showing the bike (and Jeff) off in all that perfect lighting. I think black bikes are probably the hardest to photograph. There's another photo on Jeff's site - just scroll down to the bottom part:

Dino submitted the photos to the magazine, so hopefully they get accepted. The other bike should be in next month's issue or the month after.

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