Saturday, November 10, 2007

glove abyss

Gloves and mittens are much like socks, you often can find only one out of a pair.

Its getting cooler now, and I need gloves to wear on my morning walks. I have several pairs of gloves. Gloves for cool weather, gloves for wet weather, leather gloves, etc. I am missing one of my dog walking gloves and one of my shoveling gloves. I looked everywhere, and decided they are gone for good. Gone into the missing glove and sock abyss, only to be found when you have finally thrown out its match.

Instead of throwing out the single gloves, I gave one to Oreo - lover of all things made of fabric.

Oreo was very excited about his new "toy". He carried the glove around in his mouth for about 2 hours. I tried to get Oreo to play with his orbee outside, but he refused to put down the glove. Instead, he began roaming the yard with glove in mouth, and started digging some holes.

Since Oreo didn't want to play, I decided to pick up some leaves out of my gardens.

At one point, I was coming into the backyard and saw Oreo filling a hole. He was using his nose and paws to push dirt around. I noticed the glove was no where to be found. Oreo had buried it.

I have seen dogs bury bones in cartoons, but have never had a dog do it in real life. Oreo has put things in his holes, but I never witnessed him filling the hole back up with dirt.

Was the glove so special that he had to hide it? Will he ever dig it back up? Are my other gloves also in the dirt outside?

I am going to remember where Oreo hid this one. Just in case, when I'm planting some flowers next spring, I happen to dig up its match.

naptime on the "dog couch"

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