Wednesday, October 3, 2007

who you calling geriatric?

I took Misty to the vet today for her annual exam. The vet tech asked me if I wanted to run Misty's "geriatric blood work."

Misty's ears perked up, as if to say, "Who you calling geriatric?" I think Misty prefers the word, "senior". I know my dad likes to hear there's a "senior discount". I'm not so sure he would ask for a "geriatric discount".

I declined the blood work. Misty had a complete panel done in February, when she had a nervous breakdown the week we brought Oreo home. Misty was so sick, I had to buy a new carpet.

When the vet tech left to gather up the shots, I looked at a chart on the door. It gave the dog's age in human years, based on the weight of the dog. Misty is nine years old, and under thirty pounds. According to the chart, she is 56 in human years.

I will be 56 years old when I retire from teaching. Do we call 56 year old humans - geriatric? God, I hope not.

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