Saturday, October 20, 2007

springer success

Jeff put the finishing touches on his latest chopper build last night. Together, we carefully rolled it off the bench and onto the garage floor. Jeff pushed it outside to see how it looked in daylight. It looked awesome. Very mean looking. For some reason, Jeff didn't try starting it up. I think he was worried that it might not work, and his night would be ruined.

When Jeff got home from work today, he went right from his truck to the garage and rolled out the chopper. Jeff poured in some gas, and we crossed our fingers as he turned the key. I asked him if we should make a bet whether it will start or not, and he said "no". The first start up doesn't usually go smoothly, and there's typically a lot of swearing involved. But this chopper roared to life immediately, which was quite a shock to both of us. I told Jeff, "You're getting good at this." Jeff said, "If I'd known it would run, I would have put gas in it last night and rode it to work today." I could tell he was anxious to get it out on the road for a test drive. I told him to take his cell phone, and he asked me to grab an allen wrench off his work bench - just in case. Choppers vibrate so much, that things can loosen up pretty quickly.

The smoke is proof that it is up and running

The bike looks so much better in person, than these photos. I'm sure Dino will be able to capture its true essence much better than my Kodak easyshare camera.

Posted by PicasaThe maiden voyage.

Posted by PicasaThe dogs have to see what all the noise is about.

I hear him rumbling back home now. That's always a good sound.


betty said...

Oh, my, my, what a mean beauty!! It is truly a head turner but like a SST you have to know how to follow sound or you'll miss it.
Congratulation, Jeff.
I LOVE the seat. It looks like fine Moroccan leather. The tooling is perfection.

Sara said...

The seat is really cool, although I'm not sure of the comfort level.