Friday, October 5, 2007

gotta love google

I get a lot of hits on my blog from strangers doing google searches. Feedburner allows me to see what the people are searching for when they wind up on my blog site. Sometimes people are searching for some pretty funny things.

I get the most hits on my "mole patrol" post.

Here are some things people are googling about moles:

  • "stomping on mole tunnel" (tried that)
  • "keeping moles away from tulips" (good luck)
  • "mole ruining lawn" (me too!)
  • "backyard mole removal" (impossible)
  • "large mound of dirt on lawn" (its your friendly mole)
  • "poisonous worms for moles" (don't work)
  • "bees making dirt hills" (sorry dude, its not the bees making that hill)
  • "how to eradicate moles from tour garden" - (nice vocabulary for a google search)
  • "mole patrol eat dog" - (I don't understand that one)

The next two are my favorites:

  • "puppy eats mole" (did their dog eat a mole???? wish my puppy would eat ours)
  • "explode mole" (this person sounds desperate)

Clearly, I am not alone in my mole dilemmas. These hits came from all over the country.

Here are some google searches that ended up hitting my "Deep South" series:
  • "fort polk is hell" (no kidding)
  • "hop poop" (guess that person has a bunny living in their apartment too)
  • "men's army wife beeter" (this person can't spell, but even if it was spelled correctly, I'm not sure what he/she was searching for)
  • "pentacostal girls" (hmmm, that's a scary one, not sure if he found what he was looking for on my blog, just photos of dogs here)

Then there are some searches that end up on my dog stories:

  • "how to clean sticky burrs out of dogs" (just pick 'em off one by one)
  • "dog cant jump" (2 people searched that)
  • "my dog wont jump on couch" (mine can!!!)
  • "how can I teach my dog to jump on bed"(still working on that one myself)

Nice to know I'm not alone with my dog troubles.

What would we do without google?

Glad I could be a resource to some lucky googlers.

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