Saturday, October 20, 2007

60 minutes???

Has anyone noticed that the past few airings of "60 Minutes" have actually been 90 minutes long? "60 Minutes" is one of my favorite shows, and I don't mind it being longer. However, I think if the name of the show indicates the actual length of the show, you should stick to 60 minutes. How can they justify not changing the name?

Since I record the show, and fast forward through all the commercials, I am now actually watching about 60 minutes of real programming, instead of 40 minutes. Perhaps that is their justification.

Have you noticed if the little ticking hand on their clock has moved around the dial one and a half times? I re-wound my last "60 Minutes" show to find out. What I noticed was that they are not showing the clock as much, only after about every other commercial, but it is an accurate reading. After Andy Rooney, the hand was clearly on the 6, not the 12.

I wonder what Andy thinks about all this.

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