Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oreo's Orbee

Oreo has a favorite ball, called an Orbee. It comes from Planet Dog, in Portland, Maine. Oreo actually has 4 orbees, because we are constantly losing them under furniture or in my hosta plants. If all 4 were missing, I don't know what Oreo would do. He has 2 glow in the dark ones (I search under furniture for those at night), a pink one (easy to find in the grass), and the original blue with green continents. They all come from the factory with a "fresh minty scent". I don't know if they make it minty to entice the dogs to play with it, or to keep it from smelling really funky. After a few days sitting outside on the lawn, I can't smell the mint. Maybe the dogs can.

Oreo loves to fetch the orbee, watch me fetch it, chew off the continents, and carries one around pretty much all day. God knows what sort of bacteria has attached itself to those balls, and then touched my hands as I throw it for him. Yuk.

Today, the unthinkable happened. I was in the bathroom, getting ready for work. Every few seconds, Oreo would come in with his orbee. I would oblige and throw it down the hall for him. Suddenly, I hear a "plop". Oreo is standing by the toilet, staring into it. I look inside, and yes, there is the glow in the dark orbee in the toilet. Now what?

While tempted, I can't flush it down, it would ruin our septic system. There's no way I am fishing it out with my hand. I contemplate going to the kitchen to get a big serving spoon to scoop it out. Then I wonder if I could ever use that spoon again. The dishwasher sanitizes things, right? Still, I think I would have to throw it out.

Jeff to the rescue. Jeff come into the bathroom, looks in the toilet, reaches his hand in and grabs the orbee!!!! He did it so nonchalantly, which surprised me, as Jeff is a big time germaphobic. Jeff put the orbee in the sink, washes it (and his hands), and hands the orbee to me.

I quickly throw the ball down the hallway for Oreo. Oreo runs to it, takes a couple sniffs, and then just walks away from it, as though we ruined his favorite toy. Clearly, he didn't want a clean ball.

Did Oreo put the orbee in the toilet, on purpose, to get those heavenly scents on the ball? Apparently, Oreo prefers disgusting aromas over the smell of soap. I should know this. The other day on our walk, Oreo picked up a flattened, road kill squirrel that has been rotting for days on the side of the road. Horrifying, yes? Luckily, he dropped it when I yelled, "NO!" There was no way I was taking that out of his mouth. I would have had Oreo carry it home and then let Jeff deal with it.

When I came home from work today, I threw the "toilet ball" around the yard a bit, trying to get some new outdoor smells attached to the orbee. Oreo's starting to use it again, but I think we ruined some of the ball's attraction with the soap. Good thing we have 3 other back up orbees.

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