Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its not brain surgery

I didn't get my newspaper delivered this morning. When I took the dogs for a walk, I saw that other people had theirs. Why didn't I?

Sometimes when I am walking the dogs, I see other newspaper carriers delivering the paper. They actually stop their car, get out, walk to the person's door, and put the paper on the step. Not my guy. My carrier slows his car down to about 30 miles an hour, flings the paper out the driver's side window, over the car roof, and sometimes it lands on the driveway. Typically, I have to fish it out of the ditch. Sometimes, I just don't bother.

Today, when we got back from our walk, I checked the ditch. I saw several newspapers down there, but not today's.

This happens at least once a week. Usually on Sunday, when I really want to read the whole paper in the morning. I have a routine on Sundays, and when the paper isn't there, it throws off my whole day. Jeff ends up with "cranky Sara" until noontime.

I've had it. Nothing like starting your day annoyed.

This morning, I called the paper to cancel my subscription. The customer representative asked if I was canceling just for a vacation.

"No", I explained, "When I did cancel for my vacation, the paper was delivered everyday, and now that I am home, I'm not getting the paper."

When we went on vacation, I purposely canceled the paper for the day before we left for our trip, to make sure it really was stopped. Of course, our guy delivered that day. So, I called the newspaper and told them. The rep assured me that she would speak to the carrier directly, and her words were, "you don't want papers piling up while you're out of town."

Well, if the delivery guy got the message, he didn't listen, or he is just dumb. You would have thought he'd have noticed 7 papers piling up on our driveway, and maybe call the paper to see if I had canceled. Nothing like a pile of newspapers to scream we're out of town, come rob us.

Today's rep was persistent. She told me she could speak to the manager and try and get this sorted out. I said, no. This has been going on for years, and I didn't have much hope for any long term improvement.

The rep asked when I wanted it canceled. I said, "tomorrow". She told me that I was paid through October 11, and asked if I wanted to keep getting the paper until then.

Didn't I just tell her that I'm not getting the paper? Oh yeah, let me pay for something I'm not receiving, that makes sense.

Today, I read the "paper" on my laptop while eating breakfast (gotta love wireless). It really wasn't too bad. No black ink on my fingers. Now, I'll have less papers to recycle. I can buy all the Sunday inserts and fliers on Saturday at the grocery store. Plus, I'll save some money. This may not be a bad scenario.

I have a feeling that tomorrow, when I wake up, there will be a nicely bagged newspaper sitting on the driveway. Wonder how long it will take my carrier to realize I have cancelled. I guess that's why some people deliver papers, rather than perform brain surgery.

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