Thursday, September 20, 2007

it doesn't look good

For those of you who live in the northeast, the forecast for the winter doesn't look good. I don't rely on the farmer's almanac. I watch the squirrels.

Have you noticed the squirrel activity lately? Recently, every morning on my way to work, a squirrel narrowly avoids getting squished by my car as he darts across the road. Oreo has been finding a lot of not so lucky squirrels on our morning walks. They are in all stages of decay. Oreo thinks they are all his new chew toy.

The squirrels have been very busy running from place to place, and all are carrying huge green "nuts" in their mouths. I find these nutlike shells in my yard. They are cracked open, and discarded. The shells are everywhere; making a mess of my yard, walkways, and driveway. I wonder what's inside, must be something good. Whatever it is, the squirrels seem to be stocking their pantries for winter. Perhaps, its a versatile nut that they can use in a lot of different recipes.

Doesn't it seem kind of early to be preparing for winter? The first day of Fall isn't until tomorrow. Its been 80 degrees this week, and looks like it will be nice next week too. Haven't the squirrels heard about global warming? Do the squirrels know something we don't know? I hope not, but maybe we should get our snow blower tuned up soon -just in case.

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