Monday, September 17, 2007

If you wanna drive a Hummer....

Our neighbor has a Hummer. Not the relatively small H3, but the big H2. He parked it in our driveway the other day, while he and Jeff were out in Jeff's truck. I was completely humiliated to have the Hummer sitting in front of our house, for passersby to see. To me, a Hummer is an ostentatious display that screams "I don't care about the planet." I didn't want anyone to think this ridiculous vehicle was associated with me.Does anyone really need such a large vehicle (tank)? Granted, the road we live on is quite treacherous in the winter, and a good snow storm makes for an entertaining show outside our window. We see car after car trying to make it up the steep hill in front of our house, only to back down and try again. So many people end up having to be towed out of the ditch line, that I keep the tow truck number on our fridge. So, about twice a year I could find a use for a 4 wheel drive vehicle, although there are much more environmentally friendly versions than the H2. However, would it really be such an inconvenience for people to park their car at the end of the road, and walk the half mile to their house on a snowy day?

I did some research on the Hummer. The H2 gets about 10 miles to a gallon. It has a 32 gallon tank. So, to fill it up today, it would cost $91!!! That's at a relatively low price of $2.85 a gallon. My Acura has an eleven gallon tank. So, to fill up, I would pay around $32. The Hummer costs almost 3 times as much to drive. Why would someone, anyone want to pay those prices?

Are these Hummer owners really driving off road, like you see in the commercials? The H2 can climb a 60-degree grade, and can handle a 40-degree side grade. That means you're almost looking at the ground and the H2 can still negotiate. Who drives in situations like that? Would you really risk tipping a $48,000 vehicle on its side, just because you can? Aren't we all just driving from home to work to Target and back? Every time I see an H2, it is sparkling clean. Off roading, usually makes your vehicle a muddy mess.

My theory is, if you want to drive a Hummer, join the Army. They'll even give you a $20,000 sign up bonus to drive one all over the desert. Now there's some real off roading.

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