Saturday, September 1, 2007

Harpswell, Maine

Our trip to Harpswell, Maine was everything I hoped for and more. Harpswell is not a tourist destination. There are no hotels or campgrounds. Just a couple bed and breakfasts. The house we rented was small and very clean. It had everything we needed, including a huge lobster pot and all the necessary tools. The view from our deck was stunning, and constantly changing with the tide movement. What a treat to wake up every morning to a view of the ocean from your pillow. Being on a peninsula, we were lucky to face the west so we got to see spectacular sunsets.
We also saw seals and a heron. We saw lobster men out on their boats pulling up their lobster pots. With the binoculars we could see if they had any "keepers".

The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves, and Misty didn’t have a nervous breakdown. Oreo had his first try at swimming, and he doggie paddled immediately. He really seemed to like the water. Strange for a sheepdog. Misty enjoyed rolling in seaweed - weird.

We bought our lobsters at Allen’s for $5.75 a pound! There were dogs at the lobster dock every time we went. They were running around free. No collars or leashes. They were filthy and wet. At the end of the day, they hop in their fishermen’s pick up trucks. What a great life for a dog. Such a different life than the ones my dogs lead.
We went to Cook's lobster house on my parent's anniversary. Very yummy food and a beautiful location on Bailey Island, which is home to the world's only cribstone bridge. The bridge is made of granite blocks that allow the water to go through. It looks pretty scary, but its been there a very long time.

Overall, it was a very relaxing vacation. Jeff and I each ate 5 lobsters while we were there, including 2 each on our last night there. Yum! I still have some stuck under my fingernails.


Anonymous said...

I just want to know what the two racoons are doing by the lobster restaurant!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

The racoons are very happy. They had lots of lobster scraps for dinner.