Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Here are some updates on a few of my previous stories:

The driveway has been repaved. They did not cut a new straight line. Jeff is trying not to look at it. I think it is fine and once it starts to grey it won't be noticeable. Jeff says, "its nothing money can't fix." I think Jeff has AAD, Asphalt Attachment Disorder, wonder what can be done for that. Instead of throwing away the old metal culverts, the county dug big holes across the street and buried them. I guess we now have a land fill as a neighbor.

If anyone is interested in getting a Dr. Grip, they are on sale this week at CVS for $3.99. Quite a bargain, as I have paid over $7! I bought an extra one. Jeff and I made our trip to Staples on Sunday, picked up a $40 power strip for my mom for $15. Another bargain, plus we got our 5 free RSVP pens. One of my favorite ball points. The guy that checked us out, handed me the rebate receipt and said, "I don't have to explain how this works to you, see you next Sunday." I guess we are true "regulars." We have made ourselves at home there. We always walk in carrying our Starbucks lattes. Last week, Jeff unboxed and stocked their shelves with erasers, while I showed people where all the 1 cent items were hiding. I even left the check out aisle to show a desperate woman where the 1 cent pencils were. Maybe they should hire us. While we were there, I heard on the speakers that Teacher Appreciation Day is coming soon. I asked the guy at the checkout when it was, and unfortunately it is when we are in Maine! I can't miss out on my free bag of goodies! Hope we can find a Staples in Brunswick.

I was watching a TV show today, and a person said, "That's making a mountain out of a mole hill." I finally got that saying! A mole hill is what my moles are making every afternoon. I think I will use that saying more often. Someone googled "bees making piles of dirt on my front lawn" and they got linked to my "mole patrol" story. I wonder if they really had a mole problem, not bees.

Oreo is going in for his post op checkup tomorrow. He is still not supposed to be walking, running, or jumping, but has been doing so for days. Hope the vet can't tell. He looks fine to me. It is impossible to keep a puppy from moving. I got rid of the e-collar after the first few days - too much stress for Misty. Oreo hasn't showed all that much interest in the stitches. I'll be glad when our routine is back to normal and I can stop chasing Oreo around the house to give him his antibiotic.

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