Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Perfect Hostess

We are taking a week long trip with my parents soon, and bringing our dogs with us. This will be the first time we've ever taken the dogs on a long trip. Misty has been for a 3 hour ride, and is quite good in the car. Oreo gets carsick on short car rides.

We are taking Jeff's truck. I am not a light packer, and there was no way everything would fit in my car. The dogs will be riding in the "backseat" part of Jeff's truck, which is something they have never done. So, today we decided to take them on a test drive to see how they liked it.

Both dogs have enough room to stand up, turn around and lie down. They can see us, and out the windows. Jeff's truck even has air ducts that go to the back seat, which is great for dogs in fur coats. We laid down a blanket, just in case Oreo couldn't hold his breakfast. On the way to Starbucks, both dogs seemed quite content and happy. Oreo barked at the lady handing us our coffee. I think he just wanted to be oohed and aahed over, and she obliged.

Jeff said, "Let's go bring lunch to your parents." I was a little unsure of this idea, as my parents had just gotten home from a week long trip to the Jersey Shore, and the previous week they had had their 5 year old grandson and other company. I was thinking they might need some downtime. Jeff thought bringing them lunch was just what they needed.

Oreo almost made it to their house without getting sick. I noticed a pile when I went to help him out of the truck. At least he didn't step in it.

Mom was still in her nightgown (it was around 11:30 AM). I thought she probably just had breakfast, and wouldn't be wanting lunch. I told her that I hoped we weren't keeping her from doing something. She assured us that all she had planned was to do the breakfast dishes, some laundry, and pick up some branches on the front lawn. Then, they were going to their friend's house for dinner. I still thought that us showing up was really the last thing she needed.

We sat in the backyard and talked about our upcoming trip. Mom was concerned about Oreo getting carsick. What she doesn't realize is that when dogs throw up, its not always a bad thing for them. Often, if you don't clean it up right away, the dog will. They think, "Oh wow, I get to eat my breakfast twice today!" Dogs bounce back quick.

Jeff took lunch orders and went to pick it up. We ate outside on the patio, it was such a gorgeous day. We actually wanted to sit in the sun to warm up. After lunch, mom brought us out beer and crackers/dip. Then, later creamsicle ice cream cake. Neither of which was really necessary. Mom is always the perfect hostess. If Mom wanted us to leave so she could get stuff done, she was going about it the wrong way. Jeff said from his Adirondack chair, "Who needs to go on vacation? This is perfect." We ended up staying until three, when my aunt called. I had Jeff pile the branches on their lawn into his truck. At least Mom didn't have to look at those anymore. I'm wondering if Mom had the chance to shower before going to her friend's for dinner, let alone do the dishes.

If not, I'm sorry Mom, it was all Jeff (the golden boy)'s idea.


MOM said...

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with you and Jeff. I really thought it was very thoughtful of Jeff to get take out from our favorite lunch spot, especially since we had no food in the house. Sue invited us to dinner for the same reason and we enjoyed our evening with them. We are so, so fortunate to have children and friends who care about us. Love you all. I did get to take a quick shower before going to Sue and Ron's.

Sara said...

Glad you got a shower.

We are the fortunate ones, to always be doted on by you!