Tuesday, August 14, 2007

parts and more parts

Jeff called me from work yesterday, and told me I had to stop him. He can't control himself, he thinks he is an addict who needs help.

No, its not drugs, alcohol or gambling. Jeff thinks he's addicted to buying motorcycle parts.


You would have thought he would have figured that out awhile ago, considering we have daily deliveries from UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Most of which are some sort of motorcycle part, in all shapes and sizes.

Jeff calls me from work everyday to ask if he got any packages. I am then asked to describe the package, so he can have the fun time of figuring out what part it could be. Similar to shaking your wrapped Christmas gifts. I say the box is small, he says how small? I practically have to get out a measuring tape. I tell him the size or where its from, and Jeff is either very excited, or very disappointed. There is no in between. The rare day without any packages is a sad day in our home.

When I see Jeff deep in thought, I ask him what he's thinking about. His response is always "parts".

Jeff has a catalog, that is at least 3 inches thick, full of motorcycle parts. Who knew that many parts existed? No wonder Jeff is always thinking about parts, there are so many to choose from!

Jeff often asks for my opinion before he buys parts. He will say, "Do you like this (insert part name)one, or this one?" He shows me photos on EBay. I tell him which one I like (as if I have a clue). Jeff usually says, "Really? That one? For the (insert bike nickname here) bike? I kind of liked the other one better." I always tell him to buy his favorite, he's the one with the eye for these things. Jeff usually buys the one he likes, but its nice to be asked.

I am amazed by my expanding vocabulary of all these parts. I even drop these words in casual conversations. Who knew I would ever speak of "springer front ends" and "triple trees"(not found in nature). Do you know what red lock tight is used for? I do, and I know where to buy it, even the aisle it's in.

I don't know how Jeff would like me to stop his parts addiction. We have never told each other how to spend our money. As long as our bills are paid, and we are putting money away for retirement, I don't really care what he buys. Once Jeff made a comment about how much stuff I was buying for the dogs (and it's a lot of stuff). All I had to say was, "What about all those parts and bikes in the basement". So, when he asked me to stop him from buying parts, I really didn't say anything.

Jeff called back about an hour later. He said he had given it some thought. The parts are investments, and he can always sell everything off and get his money back. I said, "It sounds like you're trying to rationalize buying all that stuff". He said, "Well, I thought you might be worried." I wasn't.

The bikes Jeff builds are gorgeous, people love them. I know every one he makes will sell, and quickly. He rode his last build just twice before it sold. I tell Jeff building bikes is not an addiction or obsession, its his passion. How lucky he is to have that passion, and make some money at it. So, he can buy more parts!

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