Tuesday, July 31, 2007

rent a dog

Did you see the article about the new company that is renting out dogs? For a fee, you can now rent a dog for several hours or days, and then return him. Its cheaper to rent during the week, than on weekends. Perfect for people who don't have a lot of time to devote to a dog, but still want one around once in a while. Their rationale is that it will keep dogs out of shelters, since people can return them when they are done with the dog.

When I saw that, I was horrified. Here we are treating dogs as "property", and renting them out like cars. Should I get the compact Chihuahua model this week, or the mid size golden retriever? It just seems wrong.

I consider my dogs to be my children. I nurture, teach, love, care, nurse, pull off ticks and bathe them. I make sure they have plenty of exercise and fun time each day. I worry about their mental and physical health. When I go away, I leave pages of instructions for my petsitter. I brush their teeth, clean their ears, and even wipe their butts. Hmmm, maybe this is why people want to rent a dog. It is a lot of work. Worth every second and penny spent, as there is endless love exuding from their little furry bodies.

I got Misty from a woman who had 3 dogs. She felt guilty, because her job took her away from home so much. She felt she wasn't giving her dogs enough attention. She did the right thing, and gave her dogs a better life, even though it broke her heart. I lucked out, I got a great dog. Misty lucked out too. I guess Misty's original mom would be a good candidate to rent a dog.

What if someone started doing the same thing, but with children? Would there be a market for "rent a kid"? Single men could rent cute babies, to attract women. I bet there would be a huge demand to rent kids on holidays. Who doesn't want to see a kid's face light up when they see what Santa has left under the tree. It would be good practice for people considering having a child, they may decide its better to just "lease" than buy.

"Rent a Kid" could be a win win situation for everyone. Instead of hiring a babysitter, parents could rent out their kid and earn some money for their child's college fund. Kids would benefit from the experience. They will be exposed to new cultures and go to fun places, and I'm sure they will get lots of cool toys and gadgets.

What about "rent a husband"? I know I could get big bucks for mine - he is very handy and can fix your car, plumbing, do carpentery, sell you junk on ebay, install central air, windows, doors, fencing, and even build you a motorcycle! Who wants him first?

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Betty said...

How about rent a family????
In Japan, the extended family had been the tradition. Grandparents loved being surrounded by grandchildren. It wasn't unusual for children, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents to be living under the same room.
Things have changed. Grown children have moved to the cities. Parents are neglected. It is not unusual for the old folks to have a rented family visit with them once a month or weekly. This temporarily fills their ache and the old folks look forward to their rented family's visit. How sad.
PS Your garden is lush and beautiful. You certainly have a green thumb along with all your other talents.