Thursday, July 19, 2007

my new blog

Having all this time off from work has given me a lot of time for reflection, and I felt I needed someplace to put all those thoughts. I decided today that I need my own blog, and here it is.

I just captured the most gorgeous butterfly enjoying my purple coneflowers. Luckily it stayed long enough for me to run inside and grab my camera. See, I can take photos of things other than canines.

Of course this blog will soon be filled with stories and photos of my sweet dogs. Those brief captions under the photos just aren't enough space! Also, I feel as though I have been inundating people with photos and stories of Oreo, and sending them to people who have seen enough photos of Oreo already! So, this gives me an outlet to share my photos and stories, without forcing them into everyone's inbox.

I'll try and write about things other than my dogs as well - as I do have other interests and actual people in my life!

So bookmark my site, and check back often for tales and photos. I'll try and keep it interesting. With my husband and the town we live in, there are always stories to tell.

Here's one that my parents have already heard:

Friday night, we were kept awake until midnight as our next door neighbor was using his power saw to cut wood for their two story Victorian playhouse. It was very annoying and not the first night we have been kept awake for playhouse construction (its been going on for 3 years). The next day we found out why the work needed to be done into the night. Saturday afternoon, we came home to a huge birthday party going on next door. There were actual horses giving rides to children. Misty barked her head off when she saw the horses. The best part of the party was when a bunch of the boys, carrying swords and shovels, yelled "storm the playhouse, attack the playhouse". Next thing you know, "John" (the owner) is saying "easy on the playhouse". And "Lynn" (aka devil woman) is threatening to call the kids parents to come and pick them up, because "people are getting punched and no one is apologizing". Funny what can happen when 30 kids are left unsupervised (with the exception of the very unhelpful, and thankfully univited, neighbors who watched it all from their adirondack chairs giggling). I felt sorry for those horses.

Yesterday, there was a mini bus, called "The Bear Bus", driving really slowly up our road, and at first I thought they were going to turn into our driveway. It had paintings of bears all over it and was clearly looking for an address. I hear it turn into the neighbor's driveway and beep. I feared the birthday celebration is continuing and there will now be bears roaming around next door as entertainment for the children. However, it must have turned out just to be some sort of show with costumed bears. Not nearly as interesting as real ones! I would have like to see a panda.

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