Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Lost Package

Jeff and I buy a lot of things online, and as a result, the UPS guy comes to our house just about everyday. Its always the same guy, he arrives between 11 and 11:10 everytime, and he always leaves the boxes in front of our garage. We have rarely had problems with UPS deliveries. So, the one time we did, it sent Jeff into a tailspin.

Jeff was awaiting some motorcycle parts, that cost him $500. He checked the tracking number online, and the link said "delivered, front porch". We looked all around the house, several times. No package. Jeff was starting to get concerned, as he hadn't paid they extra $1.50 for insurance and since UPS claimed it was delivered he had no recourse with the company.

I tried to assure Jeff that our driver must have been out sick, because he is very reliable and that the package must be somewhere.

We called the person who lives at the same address as ours in town, except their street is an "ave" and ours is a "road". They frequently get some of our mail and other deliveries. The other day I got a bouquet of flowers that was meant for the "ave" people. One morning, we awoke to state and local police at our door looking for someone that we had never heard of. Jeff told the state trooper to try the "ave" address, the trooper looked at the local cop, who just nodded his head that yes there is another street with the same name. Duh. I could have figured that out by looking in the phone book. Anyway, the "ave" people checked their front and back door, and no package.

So, we tried calling UPS. There is no local number for UPS, all you can reach is a call center. I thought if we could just talk to someone local, they could tell us if it was a different driver and ask him where the package could be. The person on the other end said that was impossible. In this high tech age, our local UPS place has no phone??? We filed a claim, but they told us if any money (with a maximum of $100) was refunded it would go to the sender of the package. That makes sense. So, now the sender would have an extra $100 and we would still have no package. Hmmm.

Jeff was getting angrier by the minute. I tried to tell him that someone nearby must have the package. His response was "we have to hope whoever got it didn't open it, because if they saw what was in the box they would keep it." I asked what was in the box. He said it was 2 brake calipers.

Now, if I opened a box and saw a brake caliper, I don't think I would know what it was, have any idea what it was worth, or what to do with it. I think my reaction would be, "that's shiny". I tried to explain to Jeff that most people don't know what a brake caliper is, let alone what its worth. He looked at me with disbelief and said of course people know what a brake caliper is. He was convinced he was out $500, and some lucky guy was now the proud owner of beautiful motorcycle brake calipers.

Thankfully, Jeff then got a call from the guy who bought Jeff's first chopper. Jeff had done some work on the bike, and was now going to bring it back so he could get paid. So, Jeff went thinking this was a way to recoup some money. I hoped the ride on the chopper would help him blow off some steam.

He went roaring off on the chopper. A few minutes later, our elderly neighbor called. She said the sound of the chopper reminded her that she had gotten a package today that was Jeff's. I ran over to get it right away, as she was on her way to bed, and called Jeff with the good news.

She didn't open the package, but I wonder if she would have known what it was. I'm thinking not.

Would you?



FedX left Mary's cello outside her apartment next to the trash bins.
Fortunately by tracking, we knew that it was "delivered." Her roomate rushed home from school and safely took it into the house. UPS refunded me the $200 shipping charges.

B. said...

It was FedX that made the refund not UPS.