Wednesday, August 13, 2014

window view wednesday

can you spot the squirrel?

Right after I uploaded these to my post, I looked out the window and the twins were back.  One of them is starting to lose some of its spots.
 Do they grow into these big ears?

I can't tell you how many baby deer I've seen this summer, and I don't just mean at my house.  Everywhere I go, I see them hanging out in people's yards and fields.  Must've been a baby boom year for deer!  Or maybe I'm just paying more attention.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


The dogs and I survived their teeth cleaning ordeal!  I was a mess the night before, and almost cancelled at the last minute.  I hate to have my dogs put under anesthesia.  Soooo scary.

Thankfully, my worries were unfounded.  Everything went well.  Oreo has one loose tooth in front, but they are hoping now that it is all clean it will firm up.  Fingers crossed it does.  They also cleaned some sticky sap off his feet and got some mats out from behind Chewy's extra charge!

Their teeth look so nice now.  I'm sure they feel better too.

Here's a little video of our walk in the park on Tuesday.  I keep hoping I will catch Chewy getting a drink of water from the creek.  Oreo may be afraid of a lot of stuff, but he's not afraid to get his feet wet.

After the teeth cleaning ordeal, I owe them another fun outing.  One that involves chicken!

Monday, August 4, 2014

mishmash monday

Didn't realize I took this photo of myself while out for a walk.  Came out kinda cool!  Must be what I look like to my dogs.  Sadly, they spend a lot of time looking up my nose.
And here is Oreo giving me the evil eye after his bath:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

tiki toy!

Our funny friends, Lassie & Benji, just went on an e-camping trip to Hawaii AND Alaska.  We won a prize for filling out a survey about where they should go camping.

Our prize is a Tiki Toy, which they obviously brought back from Hawaii!

Here's Oreo and Chewy checking out their new toy:
And Chewy promptly grabbing it, and taking it to his special place:

Where he, of course, attacked the tag first!

I'm sure Oreo will get his mouth on it soon, and then play his favorite game, keep away.

Thanks for the cool new toy Lassie and Benji!  We loved seeing you in your hula skirts!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

walk n' sniff

Friday morning was kinda wet out, but I checked the doppler and it looked clear, so off we went to the park.

We took a new path today, and came across this cool boardwalk, which went a lot further than I thought it would.  What is it about walking on wood planks that makes one happy?
Then, we came into a grassy hill area that was stunning. Everything was so green, and the sun was starting to come out.
I felt like I was in the opening credits of Little House on the Prairie.  Cue the music.....'Dah na na na, na na nanana....duhduhdananana.'

Oreo did great!  We didn't see anyone, which helped, but he started sniffing right away and didn't get nervous in the spot where he has in the past.  I didn't have to dole out any treats at all until we got back to the parking lot.
Of course, Chewy had a good time and kept dragging us down to the water.
We walked and sniffed for an hour.  Then, when we got home, the dogs went right back to bed!  Love that!

In the afternoon, I brought Oreo to a new behaviorist.  Our previous behaviorist is no longer practicing in our area, so we have to travel an hour and a half each way. Makes for a really long day.  I found a new one who has appointments every other friday locally. I thought it might be good to have some fresh perspective as well.  She suggested switching to a different medication.  We're going to make the change gradually over the next few days.   It'll be the third one we've tried, maybe this one will be the charm? I'll try anything to help out my scaredy boy.  If he doesn't do well with the new drug, we may up the strength of the one he's on currently.

None of us were scared of this cute little guy.  I see these in the woods at our house too. I think they're newts?

Happy Saturday everyone!